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What is a native plant?
The importance of native plants is not something that is commonly understood. Native plants are generally thought to be plants that grow in the wild. Plants fall into two distinct categories:
  • Native plants are plants that have naturally migrated to an area over time. These plants have also migrated with natural enemies, and as a result are kept under control.

  • Non-native plants are plants that have been introduced into the environment unnaturally. These plants have not adapted naturally and lack their natural enemies. As a result they can choke out the surrounding wildlife.
Top Three Reasons to Use Native Plants
Environment Friendly
Native plants have naturally adapted to the environment in which they live. They have generally learned to live in balance with the surrounding environment without placing stress on the natural habitat.

Maintenance Friendly
Native plants will naturally need less maintenance to stay healthy. Owners of non-native plants will have to fight the natural environment to keep their plants healthy. This may mean using specially treated soil or an increase in watering and fertilization.

Wildlife Friendly
Native plants are not only nurtured by their environment, but they also nurture the environment that they live in by providing habitat, food, or even pollination.