The whole team shows pride in what you do and your commitment to detail is evident.-Ada and Mike from San Antonio, TX
State Licensed Irrigators
Professional Irrigation
Water: Vital To Life
There's a reason why scientists search for water when looking for life forms on other planets. Every organism known to man needs water to survive. Without this vital component, even in your own lawn, life is not possible.

State Licensed Irrigators
That's why LaField Lawn and Landscape is a state licensed irrigation company. Our landscape architect and licensed irrigators can design, install, and maintain your irrigation system. Our design team will use careful planning to avoid damage to root systems of large existing trees. Our installation process will protect and maintain the integrity of existing garden and lawn areas. Our designs comply with state and local codes. We are regulated by the Texas Comission on Environmental Quality. Licensed Irrigator #17175. To remain in compliance with all the laws regulating licensed irrigation our licensed irrigators are required to be involved in continued education yearly.

Irrigation Auditing & Quality Components
We perform irrigation audits to be sure that your system is functioning at peak performance and are adjusted for weather changes, drought restrictions, and changes in your garden's growth. Our systems include only the highest quality components and rain sensors. Because of our commitment to excellence, we guarantee a long lasting system with minimal maintenance. You will be provided with the irrigation plans designed by our licensed irrigator.

Call our office to speak with a licensed irrgator to answer any irrigation questions that you may have. You can reach us by phone at 210-697-9092.