It's so hectic and not having to worry about the yard is helpful. We cannot thank God enough.-Recipient Family of our Hope Grows Initiative
John Graham
Leaving A Legacy Of Generosity
Joyful Expectation
Hope is the joyful expectation of tomorrow. Every person should have the opportunity to look forward to what the future can bring with great anticipation. Unfortunately, life is not always encouraging and things happen in our lives that tend to stifle hope.

The Pain of Loss
We know the effects of struggling through a stressful time and the pain of losing a loved one. John Graham was more than co-founder. He was also a family member. After John lost his battle with cancer, we were inspired to turn the pain into a blessing. As a result, a portion of our gross annual income is contributed to cancer research,therapy, and patient assistance in our community.

Hope Grows
The moments in our lives that can be seen as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise. We look at hard times as opportunities to grow and opportunities to serve. We love to invest in people during these trials and plant seeds of hope. Through our Hope Grows initiative, we are proud to offer the following:
Hope Grows
  • Discounted services to patients who are walking thru the same hard places we ourselves have walked
  • Blessings to patients and their families through encouragement cards, phone calls, a warm meal, or sometimes simply a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on
  • Education for the community on the importance of organic products and the harmful effects non-organic products have on our bodies
  • Connecting hurting people to others who have carried similar burdens

Honor Tree
Honor Tree is one the ways that LaField Lawn and Landscape desires to cultivate our surrounding community. We consider this as a simple, but significant way to help plant seeds of hope.
Hope Grows

    A Few Honor Tree Facts
  • Started in 2007 in honor of John Graham's courageous battle against esophageal cancer
  • Beautiful way to remember a loved one who has passed on
  • Excellent opportunity to honor or celebrate an occassion (new baby, new home, etc...)
  • A portion of each tree sale is donated to cancer research and therapy in our community.
  • Each Texas native tree will help leave a legacy of generosity and a lifetime of sweet memories