I have seen the quality of work this company does and the many extras they do on the job...their work is excellent!-Gary, business owner from Corpus Christi, TX
John Graham
John "Daddy" Graham
Family Roots
We feel that businesses are like trees. Every tree that you see is a result of the years of influence both by the tree's habitat and also the conditions present when the tree was planted and began developing. A weak tree can be the result of improper pruning or wind damage while the tree was still young. The story is the same for businesses. They have roots just like any tree, and the effects of the way a business is handled over time has formed and shaped what you see today.

LaField Lawn & Landscape enjoys the fruits of an excellent foundation and proper pruning over the years. We were carefully planted in 1988 by the loving hands of three family members. John Graham partnered with his son-in-law and daughter, Rick & Terie Lafield, to form what was then called LaField's Lawn Service. John loved trees and was affectionately called "Daddy". He was also the source of many of the values and the heart that drive LaField Lawn & Landscape today.

Longstanding Values
We believe that every action should be supported with a foundation of driving values. A company that is driven by values is a company that will strive for the highest quality results with their customers. Even in the beginning, LaField Lawn & Landscape was driven by honesty,
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Daddy's Truck "Old Brown"
integrity, and high standards in craftsmanship. John lived these values out in every aspect of his life. His high expectations in craftsmanship are evident in the way he restored his beloved truck "Old Brown". Every bolt was carefully tightened, every wire properly connected, and every smudge wiped away. Just like the blessings that a tree receives while in the hands of a skilled pruner, we have been blessed to receive these foundational values from John.

Continuing the Tradition
Today is certainly no different. LaField Lawn & Landscape is the fruit
of a rich past filled with family and values. Though John lost his battle with cancer, his legacy carries on through Rick, Terie, and the rest of LaField Lawn & Landscape's employees. Every employee is part of the family and all will treat you with the same precision and expertise that was planted long ago.